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Ottawa | Eyelash Extensions

Trained & Certified

Tirzah M, Ottawa Lash Queen, has been extensively trained , certified and fully insured. Be cautious where you get your eyelash extensions in Ottawa, since the wrong glue or technique can you leave very uncomfortable.

Your Style, Your Choice

With 3+ different styling options: Natural Queen,  Cute Queen & Drama Queen; you get to pick exactly the look you desire. Click here for more details of each style.

Proper Products

Ottawa eyelash extensions need to be performed by a professionally certified and trained stylish, this is super important. We use a formaldehyde free glue which is hypoallergenic.

Long Lasting

Our semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last approx. 3-6 weeks. These results depends on your natural lash cycle, how well you take care of them and the type of glue we apply on you. We have hypoallergenic glues that are for sensitive clients, however they won’t last as long.

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17 Oct 16
Halloween Special

$30.00 off full sets of Faux Mink or Ellipse HD. www.ottawalashqueen.com/book Add coupon code to the...

13 Apr 16
Men’s Eyelash Extensions

Do you have light coloured, thin, or short eyelashes that just don’t make your eyes stand out? Well...

02 Mar 16
Kylie Jenner Look

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Xtreme Lashes®

The most talked about and trusted brand on the most internet forums.

  1. 1
    Lengths, thicknesses, colors and curvatures

    Unlike most competitors, did you know that Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are available in over 1,000 different curves,  lengths, thicknesses, and colours?

    We carry Xtreme Lashes Classic (Thin, Natural), Xtreme Lashes Bold (Thicker), Xtreme Lashes Pose Ellipse HD (Boldest, Thickest)

  2. 2
    Special Glue

    Exteme’s glue is medical grade, hypoallergenic, and formaldehyde free.

    We carry two glues to choose from. We have a sensitive, hypoallergenic glue, which is amazing as well as a stronger, longer-lasting glue (not recommended for sensitive eyes or skin)

  3. 3
    Inventors of the game

    Extreme Lashes® are actually the inventors of the semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are available in Ottawa. They have taken the time to perfect their product material, glue and styles.

  4. 4
    Mink Faux Lashes

    Mink Faux lashes are known to be the most comfortable, lightest, durable and stylish out of all the eyelash extension material out today.


Ottawa eyelash extensions by Ottawa Lash Queen! In our home-studio we provide: eyelash extension application, refills, touch-ups, lashes removal! Xtreme Lashes full set of Faux Mink for $149.99 in Orleans!

A friendly reminder to avoid caffeine prior to your eyelash extension appointment. Caffeine makes it more difficult for the technician to apply the extensions when the clients eyes continue to jitter because of the caffeine.

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