April 3, 2017

The Dos and Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

Full set of eyelash extensions.

If you haven’t already tried lash extensions, you should at least once in your life. We have so many happy clients who are now regulars! And with wedding season now in full swing, you have the perfect excuse to make your eyes dazzle (even if you’re only a guest, we say go for it). But before you do, check out our free tips below:

DO your research. Choose a reputable salon, spa or eyelash extension only establishment. The lash artist should be certified and the consultation should be free of charge. Ask what type adhesive is used (it should be non-formaldehyde), and if they have a variety of lashes for customizing. Always make sure they are not applying cluster lashes as lash extensions are one single lash applied to each one of your own. At Ottawa Lash Queen you can rest assured that we have all of this in place for you!
DON’T get your extensions wet for 24 – 48 hours after application. Avoid getting too sweaty by extreme work out, hot shower, hot spa or hot yoga. The adhesive will reactivate and may cause the lashes to clump together, and well, not a great look.
DO resist the urge to pull.  C’mon ladies, you look good with ‘em on, why risk messing them up by picking at them? Plus it is advisable to have them professionally removed if that is what you want. We can easily do that for you.
DON’T let moisture-rich product get onto your lashes. Shampoo, conditioner, heavy creams or anything oil based will eventually loosen the bond. Tilt your head back when washing your hair or take a bath to avoid getting them wet. Some clients who are regulars use swim goggles in the shower to keep their lashes sweet looking!
DO reshape your extensions after you shower. Gently comb your lashes to fan them out or use a blow dryer set on ‘cool’ to fan them back in place. Hold it arms length away from your face. Key word here is be….gentle.
DON’T neglect your own lashes. Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the natural hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for your extensions.
DO have fun. You look great with them! Flaunt! Flirt! Best thing about lash extensions is their versatility & can be styled differently at every touch up appointment. For example, if you have that wedding coming up ask your lash artist to ‘glam them up’ for those pics.
Voila! Now you know what to expect. We admit, some of these tips sound a little high-maintenance, but if you’re going to invest in a great look, you want to make sure it lasts.
Thinking of getting lash extensions? Please contact us and make an appointment.

A friendly reminder to avoid caffeine prior to your eyelash extension appointment. Caffeine makes it more difficult for the technician to apply the extensions when the clients eyes continue to jitter because of the caffeine.