Before Your Appointment


There are  few but some people who have allergies to the glue we use for eyelash extensions. All glues are acrylic based. If you’ve had an allergic reaction to acrylic nails or anything acrylic, please advise me before your first appointment.

People with allergies may experience some redness in the eyes. I will use all of my knowledge and training to apply the extensions in the safest manner possible. However, I am not responsible for any allergic reactions.

To learn more about my training and certification, you can visit


The process will take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours to complete. You will be laying down flat during this entire process with your eyes completely closed. Most find this relating and may fall asleep. I ask that you avoid all caffeine directly before your appointment


Please avoid wearing any make-up (including foundation).
Absolutely no mascara before the appointment. If you wear mascara the same day as the appointment, your lashes will fall off early.


Please click here for a full aftercare regimen.

A friendly reminder to avoid caffeine prior to your eyelash extension appointment. Caffeine makes it more difficult for the technician to apply the extensions when the clients eyes continue to jitter because of the caffeine.

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