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August 16, 2016


Congratulations to my client Samantha Pierre for winning MISS TEENAGE CANADA with a full set of Ottawa Lash Queen’s eyelash extensions. Samantha received a Cute Queen application just a few days before her big win!. Full article can be found here:    

April 13, 2016

Men’s Eyelash Extensions

Do you have light coloured, thin, or short eyelashes that just don’t make your eyes stand out? Well here’s a perfect solution for you: eyelash extensions for men. What is the difference between female and male eyelash extensions? The key is to create a masculine look with different curvatures, lengths and thicknesses in extensions to […]

A friendly reminder to avoid caffeine prior to your eyelash extension appointment. Caffeine makes it more difficult for the technician to apply the extensions when the clients eyes continue to jitter because of the caffeine.