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Be careful where you get your eyelash extensions applied in Ottawa. A lot of cheaper salons and eyelash extension stylist use cheap glue and lashes made in China.
I use a premium glue made in the U.S.A, which is three times more expensive then the cheaper glues, hypoallergenic and one of the only glues with an ISO Certification.

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Ottawa Eyelash Extension Services

Silk Lashes (Cute/Drama Queen)
$100 +HST
Up to 150 Lashes per Set
U.S Made
Cute Queen/Drama Queen style option
Thick, Curly, Medium/Long
Glue (Strong)
Faux Mink Classic (Natural Queen)
$150 +HST
Up to 150 Lashes per Set
U.S Made Genuine Faux Mink
Natural Look
Thin, Slightly Curl
Glue (Strong or Hypoallergenic)
Faux Mink Bold (Cute Queen)
$150 +HST
Up to 150 Lashes per Set
U.S Made Genuine Faux Mink
Slightly Bolder Look
Medium Curls & Thickness
Glue (Strong or Hypoallergenic)
Faux Mink Ellipse HD (Drama Queen)
$180 +HST
Up to 200 Lashes per Set
%46 Lighter then standard lashes
U.S Made Genuine Faux Mink
Flat - Extra Bold Lashes
Voulmized Look
Curly & Thick
6 Month Membership
$500* +HST
Full Set
+ Refills every 3 weeks (max)
Glue (Strong or Hypoallergenic)
Only for Faux Mink Classic
*Add $50 for Bold ($550)
*Add $100 for Ellipse HD ($600)
* Max. of 9 refills.
SAVE $190
$60-$70 +HST
Refill of Existing Lashes
U.S Made Genuine Faux Mink
Choose any 3 Styles
Glue (Strong or Hypoallergenic)
*You must still have 60% of your current extensions still intact.
*Ellipse HD refills are $70.
*If your lashes are in bad condition, you may be charged for a full set.
$45 +HST
Removal of Existing Lashes
Cancellation Policy

Last minute cancellations & no-shows really hurt a small business. The technician doesn’t live at the location she provides the service. The cost of a cab and other transportation cost add-up quickly to show up an appointment that isn’t there.
We ask politely that you provide 24 hours or more notice for an cancellation.
A small fee of $50 will be charged otherwise.

Refund Policy

All sales are final on products and services; no refunds will be issued.

Extending your beauty, one lash at a time!

A friendly reminder to avoid caffeine prior to your eyelash extension appointment. Caffeine makes it more difficult for the technician to apply the extensions when the clients eyes continue to jitter because of the caffeine.

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